Is your team not performing well? Is morale low and turnover high? Are you falling further behind the competition? Shani Magosky, a highly sought after leadership consultant, executive coach, and author, is here to help with her insightful and fun podcast, The Leadershifter Show! This is where business strategy and culture finally meet, exploring shifts of all sorts that are required for your own, your team’s, and your organization’s success. Shani is not your typical boring leadership consultant, and she WILL help you get your SHIFT together!

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77: “Preaching” to replace the 360° review with executive coach Michael King

Today’s guest made one of the bigger shifts I ever had the privilege of discussing on the podcast! Michael King is a former pastor turned executive coach, and from his new “pulpit,” he is passionate about improving teams and eradicating 360 reviews. As a fellow acronym lover, of course I had him expound upon his…


76: Why We All Need BFFs at Work with SkyeTeam’s COO and “Corporate Bartender” Eric Spencer

Joining us from my beloved Boulder, Colorado, the energetic and funny Eric Spencer and I had a radically fun conversation today. In his free time, Eric is an avid musician, and I opened the episode by asking him to play us something – he shared a song he collaborated on with his 17-year old daughter!…


75: How Bob Barker Saves Lives with EQ Expert Rich Bracken

For my last podcast of 2021, tune in for a compelling conversation about Emotional Intelligence with coach, author, and speaker Rich Bracken. Firmly believing that EQ > IQ, Rich explains that 58 percent of performance is based on high EQ. As such, his passion is creatingemotionally intelligent powerhouses who are happier and more successful…I mean,…


74: From Bedroom to Boardroom: Female Empowerment with Skirt Club Founder Genevieve LeJeune

If you want to hear an inspiring story of overcoming some bullshit obstacles, you’ll want to listen to my interview with Genevieve LeJeune, founder of Skirt Club. The mission is to build an all-female community of professional women with common interests for empowerment and sexual discovery in a safe space. She was inspired by (let’s…


73: Taking the Sh*t Out of the Show with author, coach, and amazing human, Danny Bader

SH*T HAPPENS. We’ve all heard that. We’ve all lived it. And sometimes the sh*t threatens to take over The Show that is our lives. Join me on today’s episode with one of my favorite people: best-selling author, gifted coach, and sought-after speaker/trainer, Danny Bader. Danny’s latest book, Taking the Sh*t Out of the Show, uses…


72: Your work doesn’t have vocal cords and can’t speak for itself with coach Jeannette Botha

I describe today’s guest, coach Jeannette Botha, as a global citizen (my favorite kind of people!), as she was born and raised in South Africa, lived in Singapore while covering Asia, and now works in a global role in Germany. She is not only a Senior Director of Sales Training and Development at a multinational…


71: Authentic Change in the Workplace with Leadership Consultant/Coach Mike Horne, PhD

Our lively chat today is with fellow leadership consultant and coach, Mike Horne, who is also the author of new book Integrity by Design: Working and Living Authentically and host of podcast Authentic Change. Mike brings first-hand experience and fresh approaches based on his career as a global leader designing great workplaces and developing extraordinary leadership talent.…


70: Finding your Thread of Career Continuity with LaMarcus Miller, PhD

On today’s episode, we are lucky to have the incredible LaMarcus Miller PhD, a veritable renaissance man and role model of successful career shifting. LaMarcus has vast music industry experience spanning performance, business strategy, and marketing, plus stints in strategic internal corporate communications, sports, social justice, and academia. As an accomplished bass-baritone, he has performed…


69: Shifting from Imposter Syndrome to Unconditional Self-Worth with Dr. Adia Gooden

Do you know what the difference is between self-esteem and unconditional self-worth? Do you demand perfection of yourself and anything less feels like failure? If these questions resonate, this episode is for you! We have a rare opportunity to glean wisdom from Dr. Adia Gooden, the great mind and heart behind the Unconditionally Worthy podcast.…