As early as his 20s, Dr. Eric Holsapple had all the outward trappings of success: a high-paying job, nice car, and other costly material items. Yet he wasn’t happy. Can you relate to this? If so, tune in for a special sneak peek inside Eric’s book, Profit with Presence: The Twelve Pillars of Mindful Leadership, due to be released on March 7, 2023. Don’t assume he is all woo; Eric has been a successful real estate professional for 40 years and lectured in real estate at Colorado State University for 20 years. He shares with me his unique first-hand experience on how merging business and mindfulness is a proven catalyst for changing lives and improving business outcomes.

Among the interesting topics we covered were how to start slowly with a meditation practice, why it’s important to be happy now because the “goal post” for societal definitions of happiness will always keep moving, and how to align new commitments with supporting habits. We also discussed Eric’s Mindful Leadership Program, a 9-month journey designed to teach heart-centered business professionals, entrepreneurs, and CEOs how to use mindfulness tools to support and guide their vision to reach new heights.

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