"A wild, fun adventure in leadership." - Robin M.

Work doesn’t have to suck!

And there’s something you can do about it right now by seizing (instead of ceding!) control of your own personal and professional development. A better leader can change an environment, and a better environment can change everything. Yet most people were never taught how to lead effectively.

Packed with easy-to-apply tools and candid personal stories, The Better Boss Blueprint cuts through the BS, clutter, and complex messages standard in “old, white-guy discourses” on leadership. The chapters walk through ten simple–yet not simplistic–commitments that propel better bosses to success.

It starts with getting your own shit together and then delves into a variety of practical topics to help you be a more effective leader of others, ultimately creating an empowering and results-oriented culture in which everyone thrives–you, other leaders, employees, customers, vendors, and all stakeholders. Importantly, the most effective leaders infuse humanity and actual conversation back into the workplace, and this book offers realistic ways to do that.

"The concept of living and leading with #noregrets applies to every person, every day."
- Amy N.