Inspire and edu-tain your team

If workplace training isn’t fun, people don’t learn squat and won’t take it back to their jobs. Let us edu-tain (educate + entertain) you and your teams! Our trainings are engaging and effective, both because of the interactive, playful course designs and the selection of smart facilitators and coaches are people whom you’d want to go have a beer with.


We’ll customize interactive, remarkable, and accessible learning experiences tailored to achieve the goal of your business and designed to fit within your specified time allotment. Our programs can be delivered in–person or virtually on topics to drive improved relationships, communication, cultural dynamics, engagement, teamwork and collaboration, accountability, productivity, ability to manage change, talent retention, business results and more. Or, choose from one of our pre-existing programs below.

Leadership is a conversation. LeaderShifters communicate, coach, and give great feedback.

LeaderShifters align and motivate people and teams to drive results: