Finance/Business Acumen Workshop

I Don't Hate Math After All: Finance Demystified for People in Any Role


Leaders in any functional area need at least a basic understanding of how the business of their organization works.

At last, the code to make finance fun and easy for people without financial or accounting backgrounds has been cracked (#notkidding)! This engaging workshop connects financial concepts to easily-relatable everyday life (think sports and shoes for example!), supported by impactful group activities. Participants learn essential skills and confidence to speak credibly with internal and external constituencies about their unique business/financial goals and challenges.

By the end of this fun workshop, participants can easily:

  • Find and decode relevant parts of financial statements on their own
  • Relate how their role fits into and impacts their own company’s and/or their clients’ business outcomes and financial performance
  • Leverage their new understanding of this information to differentiate themselves internally and/or with clients


  • Several opportunities for hands-on practice
  • User-friendly spreadsheet to make financial calculations and subsequent action planning a no-brainer
  • Structures for sustainability

6-8 Hours

For non-financial managers, salespeople, and other professionals who want a better grasp on their customers’ and/or their own company’s financial and business levers.

In Person