Excellent leadership puts you ahead of your competition!

“We don’t know who discovered water, but we’re pretty sure it wasn’t a fish.” – Marshall McLuhan

There is an extremely high correlation between leadership effectiveness and business performance and the LCP systematizes the elements so it’s clear where to focus.​

An organization can NOT perform at a higher level than the collective effectiveness of its leaders. A leader’s “iOS” (internal operating system) silently yet potently drives leadership behavior and influences how leaders impact the behavior of others, culture, and ultimately performance.

In many ways, it’s very similar to that of a smartphone– always operating and gathering, sorting, and updating information that you will use consciously and unconsciously. 

Of course, your iOS needs to be updated occasionally for new features and improved performance. But Apple or Google can’t run automatic overnight updates on your brain!

Humans require much more effort to “upgrade.” Unlike devices, we have invisible assumptions and habits that are hard to recognize and even harder to change. This is where The Leadership Circle Profile assessment (“LCP” for short) comes in.

LCP is a 3-in-1 assessment – the only 360 that gets to leaders’ iOS.

The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) 360 Framework:

  • Measures what leaders are doing or not doing (competencies) and why they’re doing it (behaviors and beliefs).
  • Shows gaps between how leaders perceive themselves versus how others experience them. It consists of a self-assessment and a confidential 360 filled out by direct reports, peers, and managers (and board members, if relevant).
  • Norms leaders versus hundreds of thousands of other leaders who have completed the LCP worldwide.
  • Identifies key behaviors that leaders can focus on to improve their leadership effectiveness and, thus, team performance.
  • Consists of a self-assessment and a confidential 360 filled out by direct reports, peers, managers, and board members.
  • Identifies gaps between how you think you’re showing up as a leader and how you’re perceived as a leader as well as how you stack up versus ~100,000 other leaders who have done the LCP.
  • Indicates whether you’re “playing to win” or “playing not to lose.”
  • Is available in 20 languages.

Leadership Culture Survey – a Leadership Culture “MRI”:

We are part of a select group of certified Leadership Circle Profile and Culture Survey practitioners.

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