Feedback is a HUGE and UNTAPPED Competitive Career Advantage

Feedback helps boost performance, as well as strengthen and contribute to learning. Are you proactively investing in this currency for your career development?

What is your level of comfort and consistency in communicating feedback?

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Whether you’re a manager or individual contributor, constantly communicating is an immutable reality…with employees, peers, vendors, investors, or even your own manager. The amount of time you spend talking to other people can make your head spin. What and how we communicate makes or breaks success in virtually every circumstance.

Working with people around the world for many years has taught me one thing– EVERYONE can get better at feedback. The ability to give feedback is a skill that can be learned and mastered. Feedback, whether positive or constructive, is essential to our personal growth as well as our professional success. It’s one of the most important tools we have at our disposal, yet too many people avoid giving feedback or are afraid of getting it themselves.

You now have the practical and easy-to-apply tools you need to do better (including some fun wine analogies). Use it to your advantage to turbo charge your career!


Your style of facilitation was great and your insights from knowledge, expertise and experience were very meaningful and helpful.

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Start the course with an introduction to the concept perfectionism- what it is and the impact it has on our daily lives. [This module is unlocked for all users.]


Introduction Preview

Module 1: Why Being a Master At Feedback Will Create Huge Growth

This one is all about the ROI of feedback! Re-adjust your thinking on feedback from “I hate it, it makes me uncomfortable” to “it’s a free and practical way to help me and my people win!”


Leadership is a Conversation

Module 2: PINOT, SIP, STEMs Framework

Learn the formula for giving feedback to be a master LeaderShifter; it’s not that hard. Now that you better understand the ROI behind feedback and have had a chance to reflect on your own mindset about it, we’re going to get down to brass tacks with some tangible tools.


What Wine Can Teach Us About Effective Feedback Manager to Direct Report Feedback Examples

Module 3: Improve the Chances of Your Feedback Being Well Received

Now you know why feedback is critical to success and have some playful wine analogies to structure it, we are going to turn our attention to another key element of successful feedback. You’ll have a greater chance of receiving valuable feedback if you adopt a more compassionate, business-oriented attitude.


Shift To a More Compassionate, Business-Focused Mindset

Module 4: Ask Good Questions & Listen

The secret sauce for delivering LeaderShift-style feedback… become a better listener and ask more questions! It’s how to establish trust and open communication channels with your people so they are more engaged and want to perform better.


The Secret Sauce for Delivering Leadershift-Style Feedback EXERCISE: Scenario A EXERCISE: Scenario B EXERCISE: Modify Feedback

Module 5: Be a Better Feedback Recipient

Now that you’ve started to master the art of GIVING feedback, let’s turn to how to RECEIVE it! Actively seek feedback on yourself to boost your own performance! The best leaders are always seeking to improve and expose new blind spots and growth opportunities.


Be a Better Feedback Recipient EXERCISE: 3×5 CARDS

Module 6: Feedback to Manage Up and Across

You know how to give and receive feedback now, but perhaps still feeling uncomfortable giving feedback up to your own boss or to colleagues over whom you have no authority? As a true LeaderShifter, you must also give healthy feedback when it hasn’t been solicited! It will make you way more valuable. Period.


Managing Up and Across Homework: Feedback Examples

Module 7: Review

Congratulations LeaderShifters, you’ve made it the final module! Time to review all the key points. Remember, Feedback is the 3rd currency… now go turn feedback into profits!


Review: Give the feedback you’ve been working on throughout this course!

With Shani’s innovative approach you’ll:

  • Grasp the significant ROI on feedback and how it helps you create more time and money (hence, the Third Currency!)
  • Get comfortable giving high-quality feedback, both positive and constructive
  • Learn approaches for delivering feedback up, down, and across, becoming a more courageous professional who cares enough to give feedback in any direction
  • Collaborate with recipients to design feedforward to support their growth and development
  • Adopt the right mindset to improve the chance of feedback being well-received
  • Set, track, and measure goals more clearly and easily
  • Catch more issues before they happen, or before they become irreparable
  • Build trust and loyalty with others by giving candid and performance-enhancing feedback
  • Increase your own efficiency because of the leverage gained by giving people more impactful feedback

People who receive effective feedback feel appreciated and driven. Building on our strengths and becoming aware of our blind spots can only lead to success. Feedback is the key!