• Perfectionism Detox: Become more PRESENT, PATIENT & POISED

    by The LeaderShift Project
    6 Lessons
    • Perfectionism Detox - Session 1 (Tuesdays 5 PM) - $249.00
    Banner for Perfectionism Detox course. Text: Perfectionism Detox with Shani Magosky.The "c" in "Perfectionism" is crossed out and replaced with a "k." Under "Magosky," red text is inserted: "a recovering perfectionist." Shani Magosky's headshot is to the right of the tittle.

    A live, online, cohort-based Master Class, as part of HELL YEAH ACADEMY: For people who want more focus, flow, and fun Manage and ultimately overcome perfectionism& invite more ease, simplicity, and joy into your life No doubt, maintaining very high standards can be a superpower, but when you push the accelerator TOO far, your superpower…

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  • Feedback is the 3rd Currency: How To Turn Feedback into Profits

    by The LeaderShift Project
    14 Lessons
    • Feedback is the 3rd Currency: How to Turn Feedback into Profits - $197.00

    Feedback is a HUGE and UNTAPPED Competitive Career Advantage Feedback helps boost performance, as well as strengthen and contribute to learning. Are you proactively investing in this currency for your career development? What is your level of comfort and consistency in communicating feedback? Not sure? Here’s a free evaluation you can take. Whether you’re a manager…

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