Get your SHIFT together!

All the best CEOs have coaches.

Only coaching people with performance issues is like a sports coach ignoring 1st and 2nd string players and giving all the attention to bench warmers.

If you’ve ever hired a golf pro to get rid of your slice, a trainer to push you toward a fitness goal, or a ski instructor to smooth out your turns, you likely saw your swing improve, transformation of your body shape and endurance level, and far more graceful carving down the mountain.

The same concepts hold true when hiring an executive coach to boost performance where it matters most – in your professional and/or personal life. Even the most talented, driven, and successful of us get stuck sometimes or can ‘up our game’ even further.

One of our skilled coaches will be a confidential and provocative strategic business partner who assists in accelerating professional and personal success.


An executive coach can help with many challenges, including:

  • Uncovering blind spots, hidden challenges, excuses, and barriers that may be sabotaging success with leadership and team building
  • Interpreting performance assessments and executing resultant development plans
  • Putting limiting beliefs to rest to improve effectiveness and performance
  • Getting unstuck from a project or relationship
  • Prompting on how to coach and deliver feedback to less engaged, difficult, or under-performing employees or improving morale
  • Sparking business growth and innovation
  • Building interpersonal competencies and professional “brand”
  • Prioritizing goals and developing strategies to achieve them within set time frames
  • Directing and supporting organizational change

You’re a candidate for executive coaching if:

  • The number of people on your team has been reduced, yet you’re expected to produce the same or better results
  • Your team is not producing the results that are expected from it, and you need to turn it around
  • There are frustrating interpersonal conflicts on your team and people are undermining you or each other
  • You need to create and communicate a clear vision for your team because you have been stretched to achieve a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
  • ​You are rolling out a critical new Innovation initiative and you anticipate lots of resistance, confusion, and/or complaining from your team
  • There was yet another round of downsizing and the morale on your team has never been lower