Feedback Workshop

Uncork Great Performance: What Wine (or Coffee or Tea or Chocolate) Can Teach Us About Giving & Receiving Effective Feedback


Direct, candid feedback is a gift; it helps people grow and win. 65% of employees say they want more feedback. 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week compared to 18% of employees with low engagement. Yet, most people give constructive feedback that is awkward, incomplete, watered-down, and/or indirect. And positive feedback is rarely offered.


Our propriety SIP™ Feedback Model and PINOT™ best practices will make you a feedback master! In this highly interactive workshop, we relate components of good wine (or coffee/tea if we must) and chocolate, as participants learn to give feedback with:

  • A smooth, well-balanced, open structure
  • Notes of active listening, transparency, and timeliness
  • A satisfying finish that serves to elevate performance and engagement
  • Promotes clear, transparent, goal-oriented communication, engagement, and accountability​​​

2-3 Hours

For all human beings! We’ve never met anyone who couldn’t use more help giving and receiving effective feedback.

Live Event