Coaching Workshop

Make Shift Happen: Coach Your People to Tectonic Success


  • Explains the four elements that truly drive performance and why coaching is such a critical tool for being a better boss​
  • Teaches simple, repeatable approaches, including:
    1. The DISCUSS™ Framework for conducting everyday coaching conversations
    2. The SIP™ Model and PINOT™ best practices for giving effective feedback and feed-forward
    3. The GRIP™ Model for preparing to navigate difficult conversations
  • Features:
    1. Several opportunities for hands-on practice using real business challenges
    2. User-friendly worksheets to guide practice and future coaching conversations
    3. Structures for sustainability
  • Promotes clear, transparent, goal-oriented communication, engagement, and accountability​​​

8 Hours

For anyone who leads, manages and/or influences other people.

In Person