Inclusion Workshop

Get on the 'Elle-vator': Female Leader Success Strategies in Male-Dominated Industries


#metoo is an epidemic. Women are still vastly underrepresented in executive level roles in all industries (for example, less than 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women). In historically male-dominated industries such as finance, tech, engineering, energy, and manufacturing, women are just underrepresented period, at all levels. Yet research abounds quantifying the greater profitability enjoyed by companies with female leaders in the c-suite and on the board.

Let’s keep fighting AND also be pragmatic by honing skills that will drive success even in the face of explicit and/or implicit gender stereotypes and biases. And men and women alike must educate themselves more about how to actively sponsor great female leaders.

This workshop will help participants of any “other-category” focus more on what they can influence, such as:

  • Shifting conversations from having a “Mars – Venus” undertone to one that brings focus to what’s common here on Earth, so to speak
  • Giving impactful feedback and “speaking truth to bullshit,” as Brene Brown says
  • Recognizing and clearing assumptions (our own and others’!)
  • Tapping into existing but previously underdeveloped leadership traits and resourcefulness

4 Hours

For female professionals and the males who love/manage/work with them.

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