I had such a blast on today’s episode speaking with the three badass (pun intended!) cofounders of #femtech startup, Panic Panties. Alex Bernstein, Maria Marino, and Katherine Anne Coury, who went to Syracuse University together, hatched the idea over dinner one night in NYC. Panic Panties is doing for underwear what L’eggs did for pantyhose…making high quality options available ubiquitously on-the-go. Panties are already available at CIBO in airports, urbanoutfitters.com, and through delivery service, GoPuff, with more locations coming soon. Their products are individually packed panties that can be bought on the run or have as a staple in your handbag or office desk for when you’re in a … well, panic. You know, like when you unexpectedly get your period or want a fresh pair after 12+ hours in the office. Or when you leak a bit thanks to a big hardy laugh or cough 😅(If you know, you know…). These ladies have bootstrapped their way to success so far, even though the pandemic hit just as they were launching. Learn about their recent Kickstarter campaign to fund the launch of a “brand-spanking” new product line in a big national drug store chain. We also discussed their corporate values (it wouldn’t be a LeaderShifter Show without it!), which are exemplary and truly define the brand and their journey:

  • Inclusivity – panty sizes range from 2-26 for all shapes, and options include various colors to appeal to various skin tones.
  • Quality – these are not granny panties! They are premium, soft, beautiful, and durable.
  • Sustainability – fabric and packaging are ethically & thoughtfully sourced: OEKO-TEX certified—AKA free of harmful chemicals.
  • Purpose – all sales help fund ocean cleanup.
  • Women’s wellness – panties have an antimicrobial lining to prevent bacteria and odor. And panties are pre-washed.
  • Fun – I mean, the use cases really lend themselves to lots of laughter!

Follow @panic.panties on IG and #panicpanties on TikTok or place an order on their website. You can also catch Alex, Maria, and Katherine Anne on The View on March 6th, 2023. @theviewabc

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