Today, I had a beyond FUN chat with Dr. Joey Faucette, an executive coach, author, podcaster, and architect of the Work Positive Framework. Dr. Joey bets that you have a “Kevin” at work. His name may be different, but all companies have one (likely more!). It’s all about him. Every. Single. Day. Kevin is negative only cares about what furthers his career; makes him look good to his boss. He yells when asked a question and blames others when deadlines are missed. His scientific species name is “suckus negativeous.” No N95 mask can prevent this pandemic of toxic bosses and coworkers! If this resonates, tune in to learn about the 5 key characteristics of a Work Positive Dream Team: Perceive, Conceive, Believe, Achieve, and Receive. We also discuss strategies to attract top talent that helps sustain a healthy culture and how to cope with negative people without becoming one yourself. Related to the latter, he shares the “Dr. Joey 2-step” with an analogy everyone will get – the toilet. Step 1: Grab the handle – ask yourself what you can learn from this person and how they might be a mirror to your own behavior. Step 2: Flush – flush away the inner critics that get more vocal when a ‘Kevin’ tries to knock you down. (I told you he is fun!).

Dr. Joey is also the author of best-selling book Work Positive in a Negative World: Redefine Your Reality and Achieve Your Business Dreams, host of the Work Positive Podcast, and genius behind The Work Positive Coaching Program. Folks, this episode is a good time, so please listen or watch now!

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