It’s hard to believe we’ve done 100 episodes of the podcast (actually more because I have a few in the can!). To commemorate this milestone, I’ve curated clips from some of my favorite episodes, including:

  • Episode 85 with former military submarine officer Jon Rennie
  • Episode 69 with Dr Adia Gooden, the Brene Brown of unconditional self-worth
  • Episode 61 with leadership guru and funny man Ron Carucci
  • Episode 24 with me solo honoring my mom after she passed away
  • Episode 22 with Bethany McLean, the Vanity Fair reporter who broke the Enron story back in the day
  • Episode 21 with Katrina Markoff, creative food genius and founder of Vosges Haut Chocolat

Thank you to ALL the great guests who have spent time chatting with me and to all the listeners. LMK who else you want to hear from in future episodes!

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