Join us on today’s episode for a fun conversation with Blima Ehrentreu, Founder and CEO of Brooklyn-based design company The Designers Group. They deliver cutting-edge interior design, specializing in high-end residential and commercial spaces, including healthcare, senior living, hospitality, retail, and schools. 


Blima shares descriptions of some of the innovative projects the company has worked on and how it has enhanced the customer and employee experience + the bottom line of her clients. Learn how they engage all five senses in their designs, impacting not only the physical space, but also the mental and emotional wellness of those who experience it. Inc. Magazine ranked The Designers Group #15 among the top fastest-growing private companies in the New York Metro Area in 2021, and Blima has also been the recipient of plentiful awards.


In addition, we touched on my favorite topic of workplace culture, with a key element of The Designers Group culture being dedicated to philanthropy. Among the charitable initiatives they have launched include TDG Furniture Exchange which matches furniture donors with recipients in need, TDG Gives Back for pro bono design work, and TDG Insider for prospective designers. Their actions match the words in a big way, a hallmark of great leadership. Visit their website to learn more about these initiatives or how to engage TDG in a project.

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