Cecilia Dahl is the OG remote work expert; she has been conducting business virtually for 30 years, so she is not a pandemic also-ran. Her consulting business is Key 360, and she is a valued resource to clients with her unique “Productivity Anywhere” leadership mindset. In today’s episode, Cecilia shares some really differentiated tips, not the common sense ones that everyone talks about. For example:

  • Create experiences in periodic all-hands offsites that have little to no business content. Instead, do things that create bonding and connection. She and her team once did cooking classes, for instance. It’s easy for trust to erode in an all remote environment, so be vigilant about this!
  • Schedule video chat times for people to get to know each other on a more personal level WITHOUT you present! You being in the virtual (or any room) changes the vibe, and not in a way that encourages sharing.
  • Be alert to subtle cues when interacting with individuals and your team on Zoom/Teams that someone may be pulling away. This could mean that a process is broken or someone is feeling disconnected. “Isolation is a monster that hovers over remote teams, Cecilia proclaims.

Cecelia is also a serial entrepreneur who has started several companies, along the way raising 3 rounds of VC capital, obtaining 3 patents, and growing one biz to over $100mm before a profitable exit. And there’s more…She’s the co-author of Unlocking The Secrets of Remote Leadership and is one of 30 female leaders featured in The Great LeadHERship Awakening. Cecelia recently launched a YouTube channel called “Dear Cecilia,” an obvious nod to Dear Abby, but instead of dispensing life advice, she addresses questions about leading remotely. If you have a question you want to pose to Cecelia to be featured on the show, contact her via her website.

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