Join me today if you want the key to the entrepreneurship kingdom! I’m speaking with a colleague and good friend, Rod Dauphin, who is the Education Services Director for the esteemed Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses (GS10kSB) philanthropic grant program at LaGuardia Community College in NYC. A requirement of the program is to complete a rigorous training program. I happen to be an adjunct facilitator, teaching the Leadership and People/Culture modules, so I’m a bit biased about this program and Rod :). So far, GS10kSB has served over 13,000 businesses with no end in sight. In his 12 year tenure serving the program’s NYC-metro region, Rod and his team have advised over 1,300 businesses.

Having started six of his own companies beginning at age 22, Rod has immersed himself in entrepreneurship, small business, and community his entire career. Some of the wisdom he shares includes:

  • While money may be an obstacle, don’t let it be a deterrent
  • People respect consistency
  • As a former college football player, put team, vision, and culture first
  • Play as a team and help people grow as individuals

Rod is also a budding author and podcast host. Stay tuned for his upcoming book due out in July 2024, The Sports in Business, in which he applies relatable sports analogies to operating a thriving business. Along with two friends, he is soon launching the Black Dad Unfiltered podcast to promote understanding, healing, and changing the narrative around black men both at home and at work. What an important and timely initiative!

If you or someone you know may be interested in the GS10kSB program, please apply!

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