On today’s episode, I chat with Susan Black, the dynamic founder of Wowzitude, which offers interactive, moderated live-streamed virtual walking tours led by local guides. Susan Black is WOW in her own right, and her latest entrepreneurial venture takes it to a new level. Founded in November 2020, Wowzitude not only filled a pandemic void but also a long-term need for armchair travelers looking to scratch their travel itch. Susan shares the story of how the seed for this innovative idea started with a passing comment from her late mother, who was then in an assisted living facility. What struck me is how quickly she busted a move to turn the idea for Wowzitude into a reality, starting small and growing swiftly to currently offer 104 global tours (and growing!) conducted by 87 top-notch guides eager to share their favorite spots using high end A/V technology. And the experiences go well beyond the Zoom tours; they also provide family recipes from the guides, signature local cocktail recipes, and related book and movie suggestions. This space was natural for Susan with her many decades-long travel and tourism experience.


Among the clients Wowzitude serves are assisted living facilities, alumni groups, museums, religious groups, travel agencies, and people who do plan to travel but want to conduct some due diligence on potential locales. In its short time in business, Wowzitude has garnered many awards, including the 2022 Think Global Travel Creative Ingenuity Award, 2023 Top Small Business Big Wins from Barclays, and the AARP Innovation Labs Audience Choice Award. You’ll be a raving fan too if you become a Wowzitude subscriber. To learn more and get a sneak peek at upcoming travel experiences, visit their website.

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