Tune in to hear from Osteopath, Educator, and Posturologist Mat Boule about an exciting new approach to manage pain and restore balance to our oh-so-delicate bodies. Posturology is paired with functional neurology to diagnose and treat problems emanating from the spine. It’s not about ergonomics, sitting up straight, or the inner ear. 


Among other aspects, Mat explains how imbalances in the eyes and feet are major culprits of dysfunction and even learning challenges. Not surprisingly, when there are breaches, the body compensates with tilts and rotations that screw up our bodies for a lifetime. This statistic will shock you: 80% of humans are born with eyes that don’t coordinate properly. As far as the feet, imbalances start to develop as infants when learning to crawl (something else for which we can blame our parents lol)!


IMHO, smart leaders will introduce Posturology as an employee wellness benefit because once people’s bodies are more aligned, their cognitive and technical performance at work will improve dramatically. In full disclosure, I’m a patient and have never experienced anything like this before so I wanted to share it with the world!

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