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Why You Should Hire a Job Coach in 2024

Looking to get a promotion or make a career change?

Getting a job coach can make this harsh road to a perfect career so much smoother.

For starters, what is a job coach?

A job coach is someone who understands the recruitment process inside and out and can help you understand the overall game and help you avoid mistakes that you have been making in your previous interviews. 

There are a number of reasons why you should hire a job coach:

  1. Get yourself “unstuck”

What I mean by that is oftentimes we face an invisible wall where we do not know what our next move should be. What are we lacking? A job coach helps you understand where you are lacking and what you should improve. 

But remember there are different types of coaches. For example, if you are stuck in terms of direction, then you should find a coach who specializes in exploratory work.

  1. Your communication will improve

A coach can teach you things that impact the overall workflow of any company. Like, teamwork and relationships with your colleagues. Both of which depend highly on communication. With better communication, you can improve your teamwork, quality of work, and job satisfaction. Getting coaching can affect not only our job life but also have a positive effect on many different parts of our life.

  1. Constructive criticism can help you in the long run

Let’s get straight to the point on this one. A job coach will look you in the eye and tell you what you are lacking. A job coach is not your friend who thinks they might hurt your feelings if they criticize you. There are times when people need harsh criticism to give them the push that they need to get right back on track and it is a job coach’s duty to do that. Your job coach will always be honest with you and help you reach your goals in reality.

  1. Help you generate new ideas and strategies

There are candidates who generate unique strategies and sometimes it pays off. But what would have happened if they just could not generate any ideas? A coach will help you develop new strategies and plans that might work in your job search. 

No, the coach will not give you a plan. That would destroy your innovative skills. A coach will point you the way and give you perspective on developing your skills so that you know what might work and what might not. A good coach will help you even if it is YOU who is getting in your way!

  1. Staying focused on your job

A good job coach doesn’t just teach you how to land that perfect job you wanted. They teach you how to focus on yourself and how to love your job and stay motivated enough to put some effort into your career. They help you give fitting answers to tough questions and teach you to problem solve by yourself. Whatever you learn in your job coaching you will definitely use it again and again in your life.

I helped many shift their careers into the right direction. Many were unhappy, another was not challenged enough, and one just relocated to a new city- whatever the reason you need a career shift, I can help you get there.

Shoot me an email at shani@theleadershiftproject.com or fill out the form below.

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