Join us for this fascinating conversation with master storyteller and Chief Story Architect of Build the Story, Dan Manning. Of his superpower, he says, “I’m a story specialist. I help you build business stories that hold attention long enough to get to YES!” The role of story in daily life and decision making cannot be underplayed, and it’s an underutilized advantage for leaders. In fact, stories are fundamental to the human experience, and all our stories shape how we view the world and interact with others. 


Dan helps leaders and organizations craft persuasive stories for a myriad of purposes, including marketing and customer acquisition, capital raising, communicating vision, and personal branding. The core of any story is simple, and the focus is on CHANGE: before it was like this, then there was a change, and now it’s like this. Dan shares other helpful tips to help leaders craft their own compelling stories.


Dan has an interesting story himself that we explore and relate to his current business, including 25 years in the Air Force, first as a fighter pilot and then as a military diplomat (think Russia and ISIS campaigns and speechwriter for the most senior officials in the Air Force). Dan works 1:1 with clients and also offers a community-based course on storytelling. To learn more about working with him, contact him on LinkedIn.

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