A Culture of Feedback is a HUGE and UNTAPPED Competitive Advantage

Like time and money, feedback has value! It helps boost revenue, cut costs, and develop talent. Are you investing enough in this currency?



Running a company, business unit, or team of any size means constantly communicating. Whether it’s with employees, peers, vendors, or investors, the amount of time you spend talking to other people can make your head spin. What and how we communicate makes or breaks success in virtually every circumstance. What would you rate the comfort level and consistency with which you communicate feedback? One thing I know from many years of experience working with people across the globe – EVERYONE can get better at feedback.

When you’re a leader, the responsibility to have a high-performing team is in your hands. That means you have a choice to build a culture that inspires your team, or one that drains it. A choice to cut the BS and do something different. A choice to utilize feedback as the invaluable tool it can be.


The right feedback can transform a flat, dysfunctional, or unproductive environment into a robust, excited team of people who will consistently improve and, in turn, boost business results!



Leadership is a conversation. And feedback is a conversation that often goes awry.

Most people deliver constructive feedback poorly or awkwardly and positive feedback inadequately. This often leads to cultural problems, such as:

  • Pervasive frustration from seeing the same mistakes made repeatedly and inefficiencies going unaddressed, leading to wasted time and money.
  • Low employee morale weighs heavily on engagement and performance.
  • No or low innovation; thus, stagnation and inability to compete.
  • Leaders who can’t kick the urge to micromanage their entire team.
  • Everyone unnecessarily swimming upstream to meet their team’s goals.


Enhancing the quality of conversation – starting with a focus on effective feedback – creates psychological safety at work (the #1 predictor of high performing team)!

Instead of dreading or avoiding feedback, Shani playfully suggests thinking of it like wine. When done well, giving or receiving feedback can be like sipping a nice glass of wine: the conversation has the potential to open up and hit different notes, as well as give you a taste of something you want more of!

When you employ Shani’s SIP™, PINOT™, and STEM™ methods, you’ll find people are not only more receptive to what you have to say, but also eager to continue discussions and receive more feedback.

With Shani’s innovative approach you’ll:

    • Grasp the significant ROI on feedback and how it helps you create more time and money (hence, the Third Currency!)
    • Get comfortable giving high-quality feedback to your team, both positive and constructive
    • Learn approaches for delivering feedback not only to direct reports but also up and across, becoming a more courageous leader who cares enough to give feedback in any direction
    • Collaborate with recipients to design feedforward to support their growth and development
    • Adopt the right mindset to improve the chance of feedback being well-received
    • Set, track, and measure goals more clearly and easily
    • Catch more issues before they happen, or before they become irreparable
    • Build trust and loyalty with your team by giving candid and performance-enhancing feedback
    • Increase your own efficiency because of the leverage gained by giving people more impactful feedback

With effective feedback, your employees will feel more appreciated and driven. You’ll see a more efficient and results-oriented team, and you won’t find yourself wondering how the good ones got away! Open people up to the idea that we all need to know our blind spots in order to be our best, and they will thrive.

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    • Practical field work assignments to put your new feedback skills to use right away 
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