It was a real treat to have Luke Iorio on the show to discuss an important topic we’ve never specifically covered before: Masculine Vulnerability. He is the former President and CEO of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), one of the most renowned coaching certification programs in the world. WAIT, LADIES – this episode is for you too because you all have men in your life to support!

Vulnerability flies in the face of how most men were socialized for millennia – to be tough and push down emotions, essentially a world that “trains warriors.” When working with clients to become more self-aware about their own personal and societal conditioning, Luke taps into the commonly held value of freedom. He points out that past conditioning is actually a prison that keeps them trapped and not free at all. Vulnerability is one of the highest forms of strength and fosters empowered decision-making. Some tangible suggestions he offers include:

  • Join a men’s group as a community of support
  • Work with a coach
  • Close your eyes and do a body scan from head to toe. This is important because emotions are stored in our body, and if we can learn from its intelligence, there is big leverage for change.
  • Ask yourself some tough questions:
    • Imagine it’s 10-ish years from now and you’re having dinner with your kids, who are now in their early/mid 20s. They will create their lives based on what you have modeled. How will you explain to them why you made the choices that you did?
    • Are you willing for them to live the same life?

Luke also hosts an inspiring podcast, On This Walk, on which he vulnerably (of course!) shares some of his own life’s journey. The show is described as follows: “We’ll walk together and explore mostly from the personal journey perspective—wrestling with meaning, tiptoeing to find balance, grieving and releasing our way into acceptance and forgiveness, stumbling back into joy, and rediscovering that peace has always been at the center of what we’ve needed and wanted.” Doesn’t that sound yummy??!!

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