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I am mourning the loss of one of my favorite people of all time…

Ted Lasso.

He may be a fictitious TV character, but he and the whole ensemble left an indelible mark on me.

SPOILER ALERT: This post includes spoilers on TED LASSO Season 3, episode 12.

I just finished watching the final episode and cried like a baby. And laughed out loud, as always.

I then took to my laptop to craft this list of 11 things that the show taught us (11 because this show is more than a 10; it’s an 11). Each and every one of them applies to great leaders, by the way! (I mean, do you know me?!)


Ted Lasso’s leadership lessons

1️⃣“Be a goldfish”

One of Ted’s most quoted lines, it refers to the fact that the happiest animal on earth is the goldfish because it only has a 10 second memory.

Don’t let the past mess up your present or future. Words to live by 100%.


2️⃣Doing the right thing

Ted is unwavering about this and it’s inspiring. Too many examples to name but if you know, you know.


3️⃣Evolution of people

We saw massive transformation in many beloved characters, including Jamie, Roy, Rebecca, to name just a few. Even Richmond fans finally accepted Ted as no longer a wanker.



There are many interpretations of this concept, and surely, Richmond is a great big family.

Rebecca really nailed it at the end by giving some devoted fans shares in the franchise as a token of her appreciation for their support.



For example, welcoming Nate back into the Richmond fold after his dramatic betrayal defecting to West Ham.


6️⃣Hard work and play both have a place

Despite the serious nature of professional sports, team Richmond always had a blast. Win or lose, they’ll always cherish those memories.



Humble might as well be Ted’s middle name. For example, Ted’s note to Trent on his book: “It’s not about me. It never was.”



Nice guys don’t finish last! And the gargantuan jerk in the show, Rebecca’s ex-husband Rupert, got his due in the end.



There is no better example of love than what Richmond coaches and teammates developed over these 3 seasons.

I also loved how the Diamond Dogs support group created so much connection for its members. I will always root for Roy and Keeley. And Coach Beard sticking around London to marry Jane was also a nice touch at the end.



The Total football style involving a level of synchronized teamwork is what turned around Richmond’s losing streak.

When Jamie finally got that there is no “I” in team, his effectiveness improved.



Ok, wisdom may be Ted’s second middle name lol. And again too many to name so I’ll reference to a couple of pearls in the final meeting of the Diamond Dogs from Ted’s associates:


➡️Coach Beard: “Change isn’t about trying to be perfect. Perfection sucks. Perfect is boring.”


➡️Leslie Higgins: “Human beings are never gonna be perfect, Roy. The best we can do is to keep asking for help and accepting it when you can. And if you keep on doing that, you’ll always be moving towards better.”


➡️Ted: “Air conditioning is a privilege not a right.”



Thank you Jason Sudeikis and Apple TV, for bringing Ted Lasso and the entire cast into our lives! I’ll miss you immensely, but your impact will endure. That is one case in which being a goldfish would be a mistake 😊.


I’d love to know what lesson you took away from Ted Lasso in the comments!

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