Is your team not performing well? Is morale low and turnover high? Are you falling further behind the competition? Shani Magosky, a highly sought after leadership consultant, executive coach, and author, is here to help with her insightful and fun podcast, The Leadershifter Show! This is where business strategy and culture finally meet, exploring shifts of all sorts that are required for your own, your team’s, and your organization’s success. Shani is not your typical boring leadership consultant, and she WILL help you get your SHIFT together!

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Milestone: Episode 100 of The LeaderShifter Show!

It’s hard to believe we’ve done 100 episodes of the podcast (actually more because I have a few in the can!). To commemorate this milestone, I’ve curated clips from some of my favorite episodes, including: Episode 85 with former military submarine officer Jon Rennie Episode 69 with Dr Adia Gooden, the Brene Brown of unconditional…


99: Reforming the Design Industry with The Designers Group Founder/CEO Blima Ehrentreu

Join us on today’s episode for a fun conversation with Blima Ehrentreu, Founder and CEO of Brooklyn-based design company The Designers Group. They deliver cutting-edge interior design, specializing in high-end residential and commercial spaces, including healthcare, senior living, hospitality, retail, and schools.    Blima shares descriptions of some of the innovative projects the company has…


98: Avoiding the “isolation monster” with remote team consultant, speaker, and author Cecelia Dahl

Cecilia Dahl is the OG remote work expert; she has been conducting business virtually for 30 years, so she is not a pandemic also-ran. Her consulting business is Key 360, and she is a valued resource to clients with her unique “Productivity Anywhere” leadership mindset. In today’s episode, Cecilia shares some really differentiated tips, not…


97: Entrepreneurship & Goldman’s 10k Small Businesses Program with Rod Dauphin

Join me today if you want the key to the entrepreneurship kingdom! I’m speaking with a colleague and good friend, Rod Dauphin, who is the Education Services Director for the esteemed Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses (GS10kSB) philanthropic grant program at LaGuardia Community College in NYC. A requirement of the program is to complete a rigorous training program. I happen…


96: Trauma-informed leadership with coach, author, and Dare to Lead facilitator Carolyn Swora

Carolyn Swora is a self-professed “recovering over-worker and people pleaser.” I’m sure that sounds familiar! On today’s episode, learn how she not only overcame those burdens but also blossomed into a “Human Spirit Ignitor” with a passion for developing trauma-informed leaders. First, Carolyn helps us define trauma: it’s not just something extreme; it’s any emotional…


95: Masculine Vulnerability and the “When Then” Trap with former CEO of iPEC, Luke Iorio

It was a real treat to have Luke Iorio on the show to discuss an important topic we’ve never specifically covered before: Masculine Vulnerability. He is the former President and CEO of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), one of the most renowned coaching certification programs in the world. WAIT, LADIES – this…


94: Don’t just talk about psychological safety! Learn how to DO it with Dr. Karolin Helbig and Minette Norman

As many of you know, psychological safety is a topic I constantly pound the table on. Join us to learn practical implementation tips from experts Minette Norman and Karolin Helbig. In their new book, The Psychological Safety Playbook: Lead More Powerfully by Being More Human, the duo became the first authors to provide actionable skills with real-life examples for implementing psychological safety in the workplace. Their work builds on that of renowned…


93: Shifting a ‘Kevin Culture’ to a Work Positive Culture with Dr. Joey Faucette

Today, I had a beyond FUN chat with Dr. Joey Faucette, an executive coach, author, podcaster, and architect of the Work Positive Framework. Dr. Joey bets that you have a “Kevin” at work. His name may be different, but all companies have one (likely more!). It’s all about him. Every. Single. Day. Kevin is negative…


92: Profit with Presence: The 12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership with Dr. Eric Holsapple

As early as his 20s, Dr. Eric Holsapple had all the outward trappings of success: a high-paying job, nice car, and other costly material items. Yet he wasn’t happy. Can you relate to this? If so, tune in for a special sneak peek inside Eric’s book, Profit with Presence: The Twelve Pillars of Mindful Leadership, due to be…