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After four direct reports resigned in less than a year, a senior operations manager at a Fortune 500 company realized he needed to get his “shift” together. He hired culture change consultant and executive coach Shani Magosky to improve his team leadership skills.

“The results have been phenomenal,” he testified. “I now have a happy team, we’re connected and passionate about our business and working together. An unexpected result was I now have a great relationship with my manager, where there is now more trust and affinity.”

If you’ve ever hired a golf pro to get rid of your slice, you likely saw your swing improve. Maybe you or a friend worked with a trainer and saw a transformation of body shape and endurance level. The same concepts hold true when hiring an executive coach to boost performance in your professional life!

You’re a candidate for executive and/or team coaching if:

The most effective leaders and teams I’ve worked with:

  • Exhibit curiosity and empathy to build connection with each other and other stakeholders
  • Embrace change as inevitable and lead the charge with a compelling vision and unwavering values
  • Are engaged and productive, thus delighting customers and delivering better business results
  • Recognize that conflict is a sign that something new is trying to happen and is address it skillfully
  • Define “Leader” as a role that is shared; everyone can be a leader!

Even the best Fortune 500 CEOs have coaches. Based on years of experience transforming managers into leaders, an executive coach like Shani helps clear your path to success. Her passion is helping you build a culture of trust, engagement, and execution excellence.

Ready to get your “shift” together? Send us an email at hello@theleadershiftproject.com for more information about our 1:1 and team coaching services.

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