For my last podcast of 2021, tune in for a compelling conversation about Emotional Intelligence with coach, author, and speaker Rich Bracken. Firmly believing that EQ > IQ, Rich explains that 58 percent of performance is based on high EQ. As such, his passion is creatingemotionally intelligent powerhouses who are happier and more successful…I mean, who wouldn’t want to hear more about that, especially as we head into a brand new year! Combined with his flair for servant leadership, competitive drive as a former college football player, and DJ (not just a recreational one; he once opened for Avicii!!), you are hard pressed to find someone who prioritizes his clients’ happiness, growth, and success as much as Rich does. We discuss his Core 4 pillars of EQ and ways to better regulate our triggers when they “trespass” on our proverbial mental real estate. His gifts as a coach and prolific speaker have led Rich to secure his first Ted Talk, coming up in March 2022, and in which you’ll learn the amusing story about “How Bob Barker Saved My Life.” In addition, I am personally excited to check out his latest leadership development program called Tune In, which combines an inspiring keynote with A DANCE PARTY!! I gotta admit, I’m bummed out that I didn’t think of that first!

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