Joining us from my beloved Boulder, Colorado, the energetic and funny Eric Spencer and I had a radically fun conversation today. In his free time, Eric is an avid musician, and I opened the episode by asking him to play us something – he shared a song he collaborated on with his 17-year old daughter! By day, he is the COO of SkyeTeam, a boutique consultancy that frames leadership through the lens of relationship quality. They espouse that relationships are the heart and soul of business success; each and every one of us owns that. To get a sense of your own relationship ecosystem, take their Ally Mindset Profile and ascertain whether you are an ally, supporter, rival, or adversary. He even created a special url just for LeaderShifters that you can access here.


Eric also shares a quick and easy set of three questions to check in with anyone at work called The Relationship Pulse:

  1. What’s working for you in our relationship?
  2. What’s not working for you?
  3. What’s one thing I can do help you and us succeed?


In addition, Eric is the host of The Corporate Bartender podcast, writer of popular LinkedIn post “Please Don’t Thank Me, Said No One Ever,” and author of upcoming book You, Me, and We (to be released on October 28, 2022), about why we all need BFFs at work and how to be one.

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