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Have you ever wondered what makes The LeaderShift Project so different? Have you heard someone from a company we’ve partnered with talk about our values or stories and said “I wish I could understand this better?” Then welcome new LeaderShifters! I hope that this will help deepen your understanding of who we are and what we do.


  1. Create memorable experiences.

We build experiences for our clients that are fun, relevant, and repeatable so they have the best chance of being retained. Before we do anything else, we learn together so we can tell a powerful story using simple language and compelling visuals. Then we build relationships: with each other, with the team, and most importantly with their customers.

I.E. One of my clients hired me to adapt my Business Acumen course for their salespeople, most of whom have little finance background. The goal was to help demystify finance for them so they could become indispensable partners to their clients.

So, I made it fun and relevant, and the course has been highly ranked everywhere I’ve facilitated it globally. Hmm… should I make it a future HELL YEAH ACADEMY course?? Let me know!


  1. Live by the Four Agreements

Agreement 1: Always do your best
Agreement 2: Be impeccable with your word
Agreement 3: Don’t make assumptions
Agreement 4: Don’t take things personally

I explain in more detail why every leader should take action on the four agreements in an earlier blog post, but in summary, Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements outline principles that facilitate freedom and personal power. With a conscious effort, they can become habits that help you to accomplish your tasks more effectively, be happier at work, and feel more empowered throughout your day.

These agreements save my sanity time and time again. Any time I don’t hear back on a proposal when I expect to. Or if I lose an RFP. Or I get ghosted after what I thought was a good date. I remember to stop taking things personally and stop assuming things when I don’t really know the facts!

Applying the four agreements to your life can help you achieve your goals and make your work more enjoyable.


  1. Pursue abundance.

When it comes to knowledge, it means there is always more to learn! Knowledge is a currency. Don’t own the customer experience– own the knowledge it takes to create that experience and make it worth paying for!

When it comes to communication, it means we can’t communicate too much! When it comes to business development, it means we’re collaborative vs. competitive! And so on and so forth.

I.E. I wanted to design and deliver a free webinar series at the start of COVID. I could have done it alone, moved more quickly, and received all the “credit,” but I chose to collaborate with a few other fantastic consultants and coaches instead.

The end result was awesome! Our four part webinar series Lead With Love empowered our followers with tools to become more grounded, purposeful, and productive during the first month of lockdown.

Plus, I am already collaborating on client engagements with some of them, so abundance continues!


Leadership development has become the hot topic in business over the last few years. You can’t go anywhere without hearing about a leadership “guru” and their “secret sauce.” But what about when you ask a respected leader to tell you their most important value? Are you curious? I am.

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