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With nine out of ten companies combining remote office and on-site work, remote team building has become more and more important. As part of this new change, people are now working virtually, and in this case, will never work together geographically. On top of the normal challenges of time-zone differences, cultural gaps, and miscommunication, leaders now need to develop powerful remote team building exercises to make their teams work.


That’s why I compiled this list of amusing and easy ice-breakers that don’t require lots of pre-planning. Use team building exercises to build confidence, increase productivity, and develop creative thinking skills.


1) Zoomprov

Objective: To get creative juices flowing and build the think-outside-the-box muscle.

How to play: Each participant grabs a nearby random object and invents an exciting story about it. The goal is to exaggerate the truth about what makes that object amazing. The more absurd the better!


2) X or Y

Objective: Warm up your team before any meeting to increase productivity.

How to play: Ask your team to choose between “this” or “that.” ie. Do they like hot dogs or burgers? Comedy or action films? Country or pop music? Have fun with it!


3) Circle of Appreciation

Objective: Trust building! This can seriously transform the energy of a group.

How to play: Participants share specific appreciations and gratitude for their colleagues. Go around in a circle, in alphabetical order, or use the “popcorn” method.


4) Dance Party

Objective: Cure awkward silences, keep energy high, and inject unexpected fun into your team calls.

How to play: Turn on a song and move to the beat!


5) Two Truths and a Lie

Objective: Help a newer team get to know one another better.

How to play: Each participant offers 2 true facts about their life and one lie. Everyone in the group gets a chance to guess the lie before it’s revealed.


Save this list and you’ll be ready to warm up any meeting or shift the energy with a short, fun impromptu activity.

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