Do you know what the difference is between self-esteem and unconditional self-worth? Do you demand perfection of yourself and anything less feels like failure? If these questions resonate, this episode is for you! We have a rare opportunity to glean wisdom from Dr. Adia Gooden, the great mind and heart behind the Unconditionally Worthy podcast. Adia received her B.S. in Psychology from Stanford University and her PhD in Clinical-Community Psychology from Chicago’s DePaul University. She served as a Staff Psychologist and the Coordinator for Multicultural Outreach and Support at The University of Chicago Student Counseling Service and then as Director of the Clinic and Community Programs at the Family Institute at Northwestern. Now, she gets the word out about unconditional self-worth full time through psychotherapy, speaking, writing, the podcast, and online courses. Today, Adia will share her personal journey into this niche, the difference between self-esteem and unconditional self-worth and how to cultivate the latter, and dealing with the pervasive LeaderShifter challenge of imposter syndrome (HINT: achievement is NOT the way out, so stop trying to prove!), among other eye-opening topics. If you want even more, get your free copy of her e-book and listen to her Tedx Talk that turned me into a raving fan. Bottom line: what Brene Brown is to vulnerability, Dr. Gooden is to unconditional self-worth!

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