Lead With Love 4-Part Webinar Series

Our team created LEAD WITH LOVE in service to you, your teams, and your organizations during these turbulent times. We recognize that “business as usual” has been thrown out of the window, and we’re all in the process of redefining our priorities, roles, schedules, and lives. As Executive Coaches and Leadership Consultants, we know how difficult it is to pivot and navigate different and destabilizing situations over which we have little control. Our pro bono webinar series will empower you with tools to become more grounded, purposeful, and productive — starting immediately.

Why Lead With Love? This theme acknowledges that as our world becomes more complex and our problems more interconnected, we must come from a place of empathy, inspiration, and purpose in our personal and professional lives, AND keep our businesses and loved ones safe. By tapping into the wisdom of our heads AND hearts, we can navigate this overwhelming time with self-compassion, wisdom, creativity, and grace.

Why “Music Festival”? The series is an interactive and entertaining learning experience on otherwise serious topics, with each webinar featuring its own L.O.V.E.-based theme song and acronym summarizing the theme.

Webinar #1: Crazy Little Thing Called L.O.V.E. (LOVE = Literally Overwhelmed by Various Emotions)

Webinar #2: L.O.V.E. On a Two-Way Street (LOVE = Lots of Virtual Employees)

Webinar #3: L.O.V.E. Will Keep Us Together (LOVE = Living Our Values Everyday)

Webinar #4: What’s L.O.V.E. Got To Do With It (LOVE = Leading w/ Openness, Vision, and Energy)