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I’m gonna share the tool that I’m most grateful for this year, and that’s THE LEADERSHIP CIRCLE PROFILE.

It’s a 360 that measures leadership effectiveness and it is GOLD.

An important LCP output to examine is a leader’s or team’s response to fear and threat (a.k.a. stressful situations).

In my experience, stress can severely slow a team down so understanding our instinctive behavioral tendencies when faced with stress can be enormously helpful.

When we respond to fear, we tend to be controlling, compliant or protective.

Here’s what that can look like:

➡️ CONTROLLING, you can’t help but control what isn’t controllable. In other words, you micro-manage, be overly perfectionist, or make decisions autocratically.

➡️ COMPLIANT, you are passive, overly conservative and don’t make waves. In other words, you go along to get along.

➡️ PROTECTIVE, you deflect to others or put up walls so people don’t see you sweat.

The truth is, none of these responses are representative of a leader or team at their best.

With the help of feedback from the LCP, you can figure out where you’re over-indexing so that a coach like myself can help you shift those behaviors to something more productive.

The LCP reports are unlike any other competency or 360 assessment that my clients have used before, they get SO much out of it.

It helps them to clearly see…

✅ the things that they’re already good at

✅ and how they can make small shifts to get much bigger results.

If you want a transformational experience for you or your team, fill out the contact form below.

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