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(Info from The Power of Pressure, by Dane Jensen)

2023 is undoubtedly going to bring a new set of stressors.

That’s why I LOVE the concept of “pressure ambidextrous.”

It’s when you learn to be better at the two types of pressure, which are…

▶️ Peak pressure moments:

Short bursts of extreme importance and uncertainty. Like a race, or an exam, etc. These things usually have an “end” and the goal is simply to “perform” at your highest potential.

▶️ Long haul pressure:

Periods of grinding volume mixed with importance and uncertainty along the way. These could be long-term career challenges, mission-critical projects, or annual goals you need to meet for yourself, team, or org.

To get better at both, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with this equation so you can develop habits to help you manage both kinds of pressure:




1️⃣ Importance refers to the importance of the outcome. If you see the outcome of a situation as important, it will create some kind of pressure.

2️⃣ Combined with uncertainty, it becomes intense pressure.

3️⃣ And when combined with volume of importance, pressure can be relentless.

Here’s how to use that info… 

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