“If you want to know your values, show me your calendar, your pocketbook, and who you hire and fire,” dares Dr. Brad Harris,“ Professor of Management and HR at HEC Paris and Co-Founder of People Leader Accelerator. Join us as Dr. Brad shares powerful lessons that will push leaders to understand the hidden tensions that stifle growth. He counsels on how to transform the empty words of most organizations’ values into ones that are truly representative. First, identify what makes you different and reflect those in your values. Then recognize what behaviors are part of honoring those values. Some examples he’s helped clients craft include

  • We are a gratitude filled organization
  • We always say thank you
  • We don’t stop investing in development
  • We don’t cancel 1:1s

Another highlight was our discussion of how to nail down tangible ROI on leadership development efforts. Dr. Brad has also co-authored two books, 3D Team Leadership: A New Approach for Complex Teams and Scaling for Success: People Priorities for High Growth Organizations.

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