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I recently created a 9-week leadership development program for a client and it reminded of why the organizations that I work with see such profound results.

It’s because of the style in which I build my programs. I build my programs with 3 prongs- learning, lab, and launch.

Creating a program that touches on all three is easier said than done. You have to give opportunities for others to learn by making sure you’re providing the right resources and challenge. It’s crucial that your learning happen in an authentic setting where you can get feedback from the coaches and see results.

Let’s get into it:


That’s where I teach relevant, implementable, and effective content. My goal is to identify the mindset and actionable practices of leaders who get results, and then deliver that knowledge to people around the globe.

2. LAB

Remember chemistry back in grade school? I apply the same concept to my development program. That’s where you and your team “experiment” with the tools within the low-risk training space so people can stretch, make mistakes, get feedback, and build confidence.


This is where we take off the training wheels so you and your team take the tools to the real world, and then can come back for further discussion and refinements. If you ask me, this is the foundation of workplace learning that actually gets results.


In addition to great content, participants need a safe environment to build muscle memory around what they’ve learned, AND then be held accountable when it comes to implementing on the job.

This is The Leadershift Project’s approach, and it works.

For a custom proposal around how I can help you and your team, just email me at shani@theleadershiftproject.com.

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