Do you ever wonder why you don’t see much improvement in your health or any weight loss after struggling through a cleanse? Today’s guest will explain why. I collect friends/good people all over the world in my travels, and Swiss native Lars Dierauer is one of them (we met in Indonesia in 2019)! Lars is not only a fellow wanderluster, but also a holistic health coach with a focus on digestion and detoxification. The gut is responsible for 80% of our immune system. That’s right, 80%, so everything we put into our mouth either makes us healthier or sicker. So if your gut is unhealthy or “leaky,” that must first be healed before any detox will be effective. We cover a lot of ground, including the nine signals the gut sends to the brain, foods and tips to improve digestion, and the importance of quality sleep. You’ll also get a tutorial on water – it’s more complex than I’d ever known! – and bust the trendy myth that high alkaline water is always the best to drink. Lars is my health coach, and I’m enthusiastic to share his wisdom with fellow LeaderShifters. Leaders can never do or be their best at work if their bodies aren’t up to the task, so tune in to start your journey to better health! If you want to connect with Lars, please email me at for his contact information.

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