Our lively chat today is with fellow leadership consultant and coach, Mike Horne, who is also the author of new book Integrity by Design: Working and Living Authentically and host of podcast Authentic Change. Mike brings first-hand experience and fresh approaches based on his career as a global leader designing great workplaces and developing extraordinary leadership talent. In fact, Mike’s resume reads like a who’s who of NASDAQ and includes a variety of human resource leadership roles at Marriott, Brocade, Nortel, Genentech, and Gilead. Mike is resolute that when people and culture leaders fail to inspire others to do their best, progress stalls. Rather, authenticity in the workplace builds trust, strengthens teamwork, improves outcomes, and sustains performance. Our discussion spans a wide range of important topics for LeaderShifters, including the importance of having a “work BFF,” the fantasy of separating work and life, applying the concept of architectural integrity to team structure, immunity to change, and the difference between truth and transparency. Check out the valuable resources on his website for 104 meditations on integrity and authenticity and a sample chapter from his book.

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