I describe today’s guest, coach Jeannette Botha, as a global citizen (my favorite kind of people!), as she was born and raised in South Africa, lived in Singapore while covering Asia, and now works in a global role in Germany. She is not only a Senior Director of Sales Training and Development at a multinational company but also a coach focusing on helping professionals improve their presence, visibility, and confidence in the workplace. The latter was driven by a mistake she made in her own career of putting her head down to work hard but neglecting to manage up. In contrast, her peers were benefiting from self-promotion…with actual promotion. This taught her the hard way that there is a sweet spot between performing well and being confidently visible so as not to get passed over. The #1 practice she recommends to clients is the dreaded act of filming yourself speaking to gain awareness of filler words, pace, and other aspects of how you show up while presenting. We are always on stage, she reminds. As a native of South Africa, she also shared her experience growing up as apartheid ended and how it shaped her aversion to groupthink. Additionally, we discussed how she educated herself to work effectively across so many different cultures, a must for all LeaderShifters in this era. To learn more about Jeanette, visit her website, where you’ll be able to sign up for her 4-day Confidence Challenge or stay informed about her upcoming 6-week coaching program,. And if you’re curious about what type of presenter you are, take her very engaging and accurate free quiz (I’m a “Spirited Influence” #nailedit!)

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