You’ve head of Emotional Intelligence (EI). The next evolution is Spiritual Intelligence (SI), so tune in to learn all about it! Yosi Amram is a licensed clinical psychologist, CEO leadership coach, author, and pioneering researcher in the field of Spiritual Intelligence. Spiritual Intelligence harnesses the immense resources of spirituality such as Purpose, Presence, Egolessness, Compassion, Freedom, and Grace – which are components of effective leadership in general. Yosi’s research has shown that people with high levels of SI have a greater sense of well being and satisfaction with life, and make better and more inspiring leaders.


Lest you think Yosi is solely “woo-woo,” know that he is a former Israeli IDF serviceman, during which time he received numerous leadership awards. He’s also a Harvard MBA and founder and CEO of two technology companies that he led through successful IPOs. Then, despite his company’s success, Yosi shares how he experienced a “dark night of the soul” leading to a new path. That’s when he pursed a PhD in clinical transpersonal psychology, which integrates the psychological with the spiritual, ultimately designing a model for Spiritually Intelligent Leadership. We had an interesting discussion about mirror neurons and the electromagnetic field of energy that is palpable between people and in organizational culture.


Yosi recently published a book on the topic, Spiritually Intelligent Leadership: How to Inspire by Being Inspired. He is also the founder of several non-profits including and If this groundbreaking topic is of interest to you, he offers a free SI assessment as well as a paid SI 360 on Intelligensi. Also, check out his community for “Awakening SI,” a free series of gatherings and workshops occurring every third Friday of the month starting in February 2024.

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