Leadership experts Doug Lennick and Chuck Wachendorfer, partners at think2perform, endeavor to help clients “make the ideal real.” Their approach emphasizes self-awareness and emotional competency as the foundational elements for improved decision-making, effective self-management and in turn, authentic leadership. The first step is to strengthen your own leadership skills through learning agility, effective communication, and embracing empathy and compassion.

An interesting distinction we discussed is the difference between the ideal self and your real self. Ideal self is about intention and aligning your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to your values. The real self is representative of the behaviors experienced by others and requires great self-awareness to bridge the gap between the two. Most people skip self-mastery and go straight to technical mastery, which is a huge mistake because living out of alignment is a source of stress, dissatisfaction and poor decision-making.

Values are such a big underpinning of Doug and Chuck’s work that they developed The Values Card Exercise, which has been completed by over 120,000 people in 146 countries. The research they conducted from the results revealed that the top 10 values are consistent around the globe. Tune in to learn what they are! As a hint, the #1 value is Family.

Doug and Chuck are co-authors of the new book in which they share all their wisdom and experiences: DON’T WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO FIX IT: 8 Essentials to Enhance Your Leadership Impact at Work, Home, and Anywhere Else That Needs You.

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