Do you struggle with communication clarity, brevity, and/or effectiveness? If so, tune into this episode with award-winning marketing entrepreneur Ben Guttman. In addition to founding and growing a successful marketing company, Ben is an adjunct professor at Baruch College and author of Simply Put: Why Clear Messages Win and How to Design Them, which “simply put,” is about how to communicate with clarity. But simple is HARD WORK, so join us to learn how to break through the noise, why some messages work when others don’t, and why some leaders inspire change when others don’t. 


We had conversations about a few specific brands with memorable messages such as Geico with the caveman and gecko campaigns. Other interesting topics discussed included why constraints are good in that they create pressure to experiment and do something different, playing Jenga with your message, additive bias, and the Dunning-Kruger effect.


An author after my own irreverent heart, Ben penned chapter titles such as “Our stupid brains in our busy worlds,” “Fighting the Frankenstein idea,” and “Say shit without the bullshit.” In this insightful (and often funny) book, Ben explains how to design effective messages that feature five key pillars:


  1. Beneficial
  2. Focused
  3. Salient
  4. Empathetic
  5. Minimal


Ben also offers speaking, consulting, and fractional CMO services, with the SIMPLE tagline, “I help good people and great brands tell the world why they matter.”

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