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November 5, 2017

Shani Magosky authored one of the cover stories of Legal Management’s September 2017 issue discussing steps law firms and all companies can take to further diversity and inclusion efforts. According to Grant Thornton’s annual “Women in Business” study, only 25 percent of senior management positions are held by women and 34 percent of companies have no women in senior leadership. While each individual in an organization has a different perspective, companies should encourage individuals to expand those perspectives – and senior leadership should lead the way. “Just like any workplace culture initiative, support and passion must flow from the top for any of the policies and practices to be successful,” Magosky notes. “Lack of sufficient diversity is merely one symptom of broader workplace dysfunction, and one-off trainings are simply Band-Aids if we aren’t addressing the underlying diseases, which are disconnected relationships and nontransparent communications.”


  1. Prime Your Workplace for Diversity and Inclusion

For the full article, click here.

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