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June 10, 2020

As our hearts break watching violence and systemic racism against the black community, while still navigating COVID-19 dynamics and economic insecurity, I am here to help you lead with love and guide conversations about the situation in any way I can.

Our world needs leaders to step up in a way they never have before. This must be a time of growth and change. A time of redefining our values, priorities, and roles. A time of making different and bold choices.

As I think back on the Lead with Love webinar series I co-led in April with my frolleague Jennifer Davis, the message of leading from our hearts, not just our intellect, resonates even more strongly.

Leading with love is a key to having human to human conversations about race and racial injustice. This means leading with empathy, compassion, curiosity without judgment, respect, grace, and humanity. 

If you’re looking for the tools to become more grounded, purposeful, and productive, schedule a time to binge this 4 part series. You’ll walk away with tools and strategies to help you and your team…

➡️boost your “psychological immune system” so you can bolster your ability to operate in an uncertain climate.

➡️adopt a simple coaching strategy to build connection and design new norms.

➡️re-evaluate your definition of success so you can continue to lead your team to new heights.

➡️turn team “dramas” featuring victim, villain, and hero into creative stories starring creator, challenger, and coach.

➡️…and more.

Go here to watch ⇒ https://leadershiftteam.com/

#blacklivesmatter #antiracism


  1. Conversations
  2. Time of growth and change
  3. Lead with Love
  4. Grounded and purposeful
  5. Psychological immune system
  6. Coaching
  7. Redefine success
  8. Rewrite stories

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