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January 28, 2021


Do you know where your perfectionism came from?

I do. (And if you don’t, that’s something I will help you uncover in Hell Yeah Academy.)

For me (and probably you), it started at the beginning.

Remember those worksheets back in kindergarten where you had to write out your letters?

I was obsessed with getting them perfect. If I made one mistake, I wouldn’t erase it and keep going like the rest of the kids. Little Shani would would crinkle up the paper, throw it away, and start over.

Fast forward into my adult life. Perfection continued to be a pursuit of mine. For five of the ten years I worked at Goldman Sachs, I sold high yield (aka “junk”) bonds. I was with knowing every detail of a deal before picking up the phone and selling.

This was very unlike some of my colleagues.

They weren’t thinking about every possible question they could get and how they would respond (read: they weren’t over-thinking!). They just picked up the phone and went for it. Me, on the other hand, was overly prepared for every call with investors, but that also meant I was up many late nights reading sales memos and slower to start selling. Plus, the details I would insist on having, I didn’t often need. So my perfectionism seriously got in the way here.

In my next job as an assistant portfolio manager, I didn’t like to get anything “wrong” in our investment committee meetings. I didn’t speak up as often as I should have…leading my bosses to assume that I didn’t have an opinion.

That REALLY hurt me there.

In fact, it was that experience that made me realize I needed to do something about this unhealthy habit.

Since then, not only have I moved forward in my professional goals at rapid speed, but I’ve also helped others do the same.


This is the value of Hell Yeah Academy and our inaugural offering: Perfectionism Detox: Rewire mental habits to be more Present, Patient, and Poised. If you want to accelerate your goals and conquer your unhealthy habits, do not miss this opportunity to learn from someone who REALLY gets it.

By the end of our 8 weeks together, you’ll know how to manage, and ultimately, overcome perfectionism.


Ready? Good.

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