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March 16, 2020
I encourage all my clients to create a “to-be” list with their to-do list.

Here’s a couple examples:

  • Be strong.
  • Be non-judgmental.
  • Be poised.
  • Be the leader you wish you had. 
Latesha Randall, author of “The To-Be List,” wrote an entire book about it. In summary, doing is a short-term undertaking. Being is for the long-term and will bring you purpose and work/life balance.
Let’s apply it to a common situation. When it comes to preparing for any work event, a to-be list is critical. And, I’m not talking about a big sales call or training class. You can apply it for an upcoming interview or presentation. This tool is a great way to acknowledge the results you want to experience in any given moment. 
Before writing your to-be list, ask yourself a few questions in advance:
  1. What outcome do I want?

    Define the results you’re aiming to achieve and/or the actions you want people to take. Perhaps it’s aligning your team on a decision to launch a new product, gaining commitment from a prospect for a follow-up meeting, collecting at least 10 business cards at a networking event, or repairing a rift in a relationship during a difficult conversation. Outcomes will depend on context.

  2. What impact do I want?

    Impact is to outcome, but it’s quite different. It’s how you want people to feel. “Oh no, not feelings!” you may wince. As Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” And that, my friends, is what will compel them to fulfill the outcome you have in mind. Do you want people to come away excited, motivated, and empowered? Do you want people to feel collaborative and creative? Is your intention to build trust and inspire confidence? Be as specific as possible here and notice the variety of tones that are possible.

  3. How do I need to BE to make that happen?

    Here is where the to-be list meets outcome/impact planning. Regardless of your position, others will pick up and feed off your vibes. It’s important to show up in the best possible way. Will being open-minded and non-judgmental serve you? Enthusiastic yet realistic? Bold and brief? Know your audience and know yourself.

What’s on your to-be list this week? Make your list and be the best possible version of yourself!

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