Attention entrepreneurs and small biz owners: Do you often feel stuck on what to post to your feed? Are your posts failing to attract, engage, and convert? If so, today’s episode is for you. My guest, Sophia Parra, founder of Coach Social, is a social media strategist extraordinaire. She advises that before even considering content for posts, take a step back to Marketing 101 – where do your ideal clients hang out online? What pain points do you help alleviate? Then, consider a propriety 4-step process that she teaches clients:

  • Fix your feed – all about branding
  • Content to attract – become a resource your tribe relies on; be awesome not mediocre
  • Engage to convert – generate interest in your products and services
  • Amplify to grow – create a community of people who purchase and recommend. Relationships convert!!

We also discuss the myth of being a slave to ever evolving algorithms. Rather, Sophia explains that what really matters to the various platforms is engagement time. In other words, the longer your followers stay on the app because they’re engaged with your content, you are rewarded by showing up more often. If you’re interested in learning from Sophia, check out her community, What the Heck to Post. She is also launching a podcast soon called Marketing Unfiltered.

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