If you want to hear an inspiring story of overcoming some bullshit obstacles, you’ll want to listen to my interview with Genevieve LeJeune, founder of Skirt Club. The mission is to build an all-female community of professional women with common interests for empowerment and sexual discovery in a safe space. She was inspired by (let’s just describe it as) ‘selfish bedroom behavior’ with a former boyfriend as well as the desire to show up more powerfully at her job in the male-dominated finance industry. What started as a small group in Genevieve’s hometown of London in 2014 has grown into a global network with chapters in over 50 cities with over 16,000 bisexual and bicurious members. But her success wasn’t without loads of drama. Perception issues and comparably rare acknowledgment of bi women were front and center, or as she calls it, the “silent B” in LGBTQ+. Most damaging was the abrupt freezing of Skirt Club’s bank account and credit card processing by not one, but two, major banks. After eight months of grit and tenacity and being rejected by 50 (yes 50!) banks that cater to “high-risk” industries, she finally found an open-minded bank in Malta to service her business. The “rules” at Skirt Club events are transferable to all aspects of life: exercising choice, being one’s true self, and saying no – all skills that help empower women. Genevieve says it best: “We know that confidence in the bedroom leads to confidence in the boardroom.”

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