SH*T HAPPENS. We’ve all heard that. We’ve all lived it. And sometimes the sh*t threatens to take over The Show that is our lives. Join me on today’s episode with one of my favorite people: best-selling author, gifted coach, and sought-after speaker/trainer, Danny Bader. Danny’s latest book, Taking the Sh*t Out of the Show, uses seven modern parables inspired by real people to explore strategies for continuing on life’s path with peace and perhaps even joy no matter what the world throws at us. And you’ll see that Danny knows struggle and tragedy more than most, as he shares the experience of being dead for 8-10 minutes after a fluke electrocution accident at the age of 28 that sadly did take the life of one of his best friends. As you might imagine, this changed the course of his life and ultimately led him to inspire thousands of people through leadership coaching, purposeful productivity, his RENEW resilience methodology, Back to Life online course, and podcast – Back to Life: Finding Fulfillment After 50. A few of my favorite pearls of Danny wisdom from our discussion are:

  • It’s important to sufficiently process the emotions that naturally come with our own Sh*t Shows. In doing so, seek support from trusted confidantes and do things that you enjoy to re-spark some passion.
  • Gain authority over our destructive self-talk (he named his inner critic Shitty Talk, or ST for short).
  • Eventually, we must focus on our vision for the future. One helpful tool to write your own story is to ask yourself the question, “What needs to be real for me to have bounced back in [6 months/a year/desired timeframe]?”
  • Replace the word hope with the word trust. It may seem like a nuance, but words have power.
  • “There’s a helluva difference between just living and being alive.”

In addition to the latest book, check out Danny’s others: Back to Life: The Path of Resilience, Abraham’s Diner: Simple Wisdom for Moving from Stress to Relaxed Focus & Inspiration, and I Met Jesus for a Miller Light.

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